Risk Assessment Support

If you require high quality risk assessment support, then we have the solutions for you.

We understand that risk assessments are critical to every single business whereby every employer is under a statutory duty to arrange for a “competent person” to assess all risks arising at the workplace, or created by work activities. We use our expertise to help you to create a safer working environment.

How We Can Help You

We can arrange for a qualified, friendly and pragmatic health and safety advisor to carry out risk assessments on your behalf. Our risk assessment support is specially designed to ensure that your business premise meets the health and safety standards that are required by law. Client satisfaction is incredibly important to us therefore we make sure that we always provide an approachable and personal service to suit all of your individual needs.

Our Approach

The first stage of the risk assessment process is to visit your workplace and assess each aspect of your business in relation to current Health, Safety and Environmental Legislation.

Once we have completed the review you will receive an easy to read risk assessment, bespoke to your sector which will highlight: who is at risk, prioritised actions of how to reduce the risk and a detailed action plan that will tell you what you need to do next.

You are not on your own, the health and safety advisor that completed the assessment will be your main point of contact, should you need further advice and support they are always happy to take a call.

If you require exceptional risk assessment support then please contact us here at Workplace Safety Solutions.

Our Other Services

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