Manual Handling Training

Have you been looking for companies who can offer the best manual handling training? Look no further because we are Turner Business Consultants and we are a team of professionals who offer tailored training packages for businesses in any industry. Our company are different from generic training consultancies because we are interested in the people behind the roles. Not only do we focus on first-class training, but also helping them and their workplace grow successfully, with the required training behind them.

Our course for manual handling training has been designed to provide students with awareness and safety as well as teaching them a range of skills and techniques when carrying heavy loads. This can dramatically reduce the risk of causing injury and harm when working in any environment where you have to lift heavier objects daily. Our manual handling training course will enable you to identify and implement measures in order to minimise and control risk, identify the factors involved in the assessment of the risks associated with manual handling and learn how to undertake a preliminary risk assessment. We can guarantee that after completing our course for manual handling training, you will leave feeling confident and having gained a wealth of new knowledge from experts in the industry. We always offer tailored services to make our work stand out from other consultancies. If there is anything you would like us to change or add to your manual handling course, please don’t hesitate to ask.   

Our manual handling training course is aimed at any level of employee who experience manual handling often as part of their job. You can also take our manual handling course in conjunction with our work at height course, which is specifically designed for those who require them to work at height. It will allow them to learn about the necessary safety equipment to do this work safely.

If you want more information on our manual handling training courses, contact Turner Business Consultants today. A member of our friendly customer service team will be on hand to give you advice and information on booking in. You can call us on: 01268 649006 or email us at: