Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve been asked to arrange health and safety for my company, where do I begin?

Health and safety laws and regulations apply to pretty much every business. They are there to protect employees as well as members of the public from dangers in the workplace. The employer is responsible for health and safety, not necessarily carrying out tasks personally, but ensuring requirements are met by someone who is competent to do so. If there is no one suitably qualified or experienced in the business, then that is where an external consultancy such as Workplace Safety Solutions (WSS) step in.

I’m thinking of contacting WSS for a quote, what will happen once I have done so?

After contacting us at WSS, an Advisor will come to visit you for a free informal chat to discuss your needs and learn about your business. This then enables us to create a completely bespoke package for you, to ensure your needs are met in the most cost effective and efficient way. We do not believe in “off the shelf” products when it comes to safety, as every business is different, there is no one size fits all in this area.

My business is fairly small, do I need health and safety arrangements in place?

The approach you take towards health and safety depends on the size of your business as well as the nature of the activities you are carrying out. As a general rule, if you have 5 or less employees then you don’t have to write down your risk assessments or health and safety policy.

What happens after you have written a health and safety policy for us? What do we do with it?

Our policies, or health and safety management systems, are very carefully designed to be usable documents by the client. They are a step by step guide on what you need to do to ensure you have a safe workplace, and are meeting all requirements and regulations. There are a variety of document templates included within the policy so everything can be found in one place. The policy document is delivered in an easily accessible format, and your Advisor will visit once the document is complete to assist you with implementing it within your business. This can be done one to one, or as staff training sessions. This is not a document you pay out for just to sit on the shelf gathering dust!

I already have a policy and procedures in place but there are times where I need advice, can you do that?

Yes certainly. We provide a ‘competent person assistance’ service, which means for a set fee per month, this service allows access to a telephone helpline for advice/guidance on all health and safety matters and a named Advisor. You would also receive a monthly safety bulletin/newsletter. This also permits you to name Workplace Safety Solutions as the persons competent to provide advice on health and safety matters.

Why can’t I find any prices on your website?

As mentioned previously, are services are all bespoke to the client. So we do not have set prices, costs are dependent on the business and the work required. We will be happy to provide you with an individual quotation once we have discussed your needs with you.

Do you have a course calendar for training?

We run our training courses on an as required basis. If there is a course you need, simply contact our office providing details (name of course, number of candidates, dates in mind) and we will aim to get this arranged for you. We need a minimum of 5 candidates to run a course generally, but if you have fewer than 5 it may be that we are running a course already that your candidates can fit on to.

Are the eLearning courses as effective as classroom based training?

In a word, yes! It is still the same high standard of content provided during our classroom sessions, but with the added bonus of being delivered at a location and time most convenient to you. It is more cost effective for the client as there are no travel costs, and a whole working day is not lost. Certification is instant also, so the courses are perfect for short notice requirements.

Where are you based, and what areas do you cover?

Our office is based in Laindon, Essex, with fast transport links to the centre of London. Our advisors are mobile based the majority of the time however, which enables us to provide nationwide coverage, as well as overseas in Europe.